Da Boot Shop’s staff provides quality craftsmanship along with superior customer service.  We use a quality Vibram® resole that is accompanied with comfort, durability, grip and traction.  Da Boot Shop has a selected line of military’s best soles for different terrains that has been tried, tested, and proven to work.  So, whether it’s a school, road march, deployment, or war terrain, we provide the specific type of resole that is an asset for every soldier to handle his/her business.


Ramon moved to the area in 1995 at the end of his service commitment and learned the art of shoe repair from Jim Green a 35 year veteran of shoe repair.  Not just satisfied with shoe repair, Ramon learned military boot repair from Kenneth Gilbert aka Milk.  Having been in the military, Ramon was aware of different types of boots and the way the boots and boot soles should look. Ramon learned the necessary secrets of boot repair from another 30 veteran Mr. Watson.

In 1996, Ramon opened his first boot shop.  Da Boot Shop currently has two locations in Fayetteville, NC: one on the Yadkin Rd. and the other on Reilly Rd.


What makes Da BootShop unique is the craftsman, his products, and the shop’s superior customer service.  Ramon has perfected his craft under the guidance of outstanding, experienced shoe and boot repairers.  The products he has developed his own exclusive line of Boot Polish and Stay Brite Shine enhancer – give boots a “longer lasting shine in half the time.”  Not only is Ramon an expert craftsman with the products he has specifically designed to enhance boots, but her and his staff are also unique in the way they treat each customer as a special person.


Ramon has developed his own exclusive line of Boot Polish and Stay Brite shine enhancer products.  Ramon sells a full line of shoe and boot repair products for civilian and military needs. We also have our own brand of boot polish  It’s an inspection ready boot polish that has three times the normal amount of carnauba wax which gives a much longer lasting shine.  We supplement this excellent polish with our own unique product called Stay Brite Shine EnhancerStay Brite Shine Enhancer cuts your shine time in half.  With our longer lasting, inspection ready boot polish, and our Stay Brite Shine Enhancer, your boots get a “longer lasting shine in half the time.”


Don’t throw away your favorite boots when they get flat.  Instead, repair them with genuine Vibram® soles.  Recognized for their superior quality for more than 60 years  genuine Vibram® soles are standard equipment on more than 50 brands known for comfort and durability.  Chances are the boots you’re now wearing have  Vibram® soles.  Keep those comfortable old bootsDon’t throw them away, just send them in for a tune-up.  We can quickly and expertly replace worn out soles with brand new genuine Vibram® soles – at a fraction of the cost for a new pair.


Not only do we resole boots and give boots a  “longer lasting shine in half the time” but we also do extra fine work made-to-order. For instance, can take your military boots and turn them into a pair of feather weight combat sneakers. We also make accuracy shoes such as the ones worn by the Golden Knights, the Army’s elite parachute jump team.

We work and repair all types of shoes that include ladies’ high heels and men’s dress shoes.